Kevin Durant’s decision in July to sign another contract that allows him to leave the Warriors after one more season was simply because he wanted to keep his options open, just in case he wanted to leave for greener pastures. 

 Durant said, the direction he chose was about self-belief and maximum flexibility.

“I could have easily signed a long-term [contract], but I just wanted to take it season-by-season and see where it takes me.”

General manager Bob Myers, a former agent, reiterated that Monday.

“For any player — and having had that history as an agent — what players want, in my experience, is they want to get paid fairly,” Myers said. “They want to win, and they want to like going to work, just like all of us. We want to be successful, make fair money and have fun. That’s our job, to create an environment for our players. And I think we do a pretty good job of that.”

Durant will be eligible next July to sign a super max deal worth $220 million with the Warriors, who will have his Bird rights.

“I hope Kevin’s here,” Myers said. “I hope he plays until he’s 50. He’s fantastic, obviously what he’s done for us, and what I hope he continues to do goes without saying.”

Rumor has it he wants to join LeBron on the Lakers. Not sure what motivated KD anymore.