NBA All-Star Weekend is a showcase for the best and brightest of the basketball world, who come together to put on a three-day show for fans across the globe.

It also attracts some great fans (groupies) who come and celebrate the sport of basketball. 

One ‘fan’ who is in Charlotte this weekend is Alexis Skyy.  

If you’re unfamiliar with her, Rob Kardashian was recently linked to the popular social media celebrity and Love & Hip Hop star.

Our tipsters pointed out that you can hear KD’s voice in the background in the video below, and the two ladies are talking about not being allowed to follow someone on IG 

This is supposedly in reference to KD not wanting to follow the girls, so he can keep their relationship on the low.  

Let’s just all hope KD is sticking to basketball related activities this All-Star weekend. 

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