Kevin Durant opened the College Track at The Durant Center, an after-school facility, in his hometown of Prince George’s County, Maryland. 

The facility features a $10 million endowment from Durant and will provide scholarships, tutoring, and emotional and financial support to help students get into college.

 The inaugural class had 69 students.

 “As a basketball player, it’s easy for us to say, ‘Let’s create an AAU team or let’s do a camp.’ As you get older, you start to look for bigger ways to impact. I see my peers, and not just NBA players but athletes in general, but just trying to push the future forward, push the youth forward,” said Durant. 

The shiny, new facility is just a few blocks from the apartment in the Suitland neighborhood where Durant grew up and the Seat Pleasant Activity Center, where he first dreamed of the life he has today playing basketball in the NBA.

Durant introduced the inaugural class of 69 at the center on Wednesday.

“The full-circle stuff that you dream about,” Durant told the Washington Post. “So many people that meant so much to me at that time, and to see my name on the building …” 

Durant, whose charitable foundation is collaborating with College Track and Prince George’s County Public Schools, also has donated nearly $60,000 for new basketball courts at the Seat Pleasant Activity Center.

His name on the facility created a legacy, but the bigger legacy might be in the success of the students who take part in the program.

“The name Kevin Durant will mean a lot to me for years to come; that he helped young kids,” one of the inaugural students, 14-year-old Jasmine Richardson, said. “He knows what us kids go through. We all were kids once.”

KD might not be the most loved on the court, but off the court he seems like he understands his purpose. 

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