Kevin Durant was at it again this week, as he sat down with 95.7 The Game to discuss the upcoming season. 

When the topic shifted to postseason awards like Defensive Player of the Year, Durant explained why it will be difficult for him to get them.

“You know they’re not gonna give me anything,” Durant said. “Even if it’s on the fence, I have to be clear-cut better than everybody for me to even get a look. … I mean, it’s just pure hate for me obviously, and no appreciation for my real skill for the game. But I get it. I understand where we’re coming from. I understand what we have here in this building that scares everybody.

” … You know, accolades, that stuff — that stuff is kind of long gone for me unless it’s like Finals or something like that where it’s probably pretty even. But regular season awards, I mean I’m never gonna get a look when it comes to that, especially playing here for the Warriors.”

Durant is sounding a bit crazy these days.  It’s like he’s trying to pit himself against the rest of the world, but it’s mostly in his head. 

KD the villain needs a lot of work. He was much more fun as the cupcake in OKC.