Houston Rockets MVP James Harden has been receiving criticism as many around the league believe he cheats the system in order to draw foul calls. 

“He flops on offense just like I flop on defense,” Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart said according to Bleacher Report. “He’s been in the league a long time, and he’s built that reputation. It’s hard to guard him knowing that, at any given moment, you can get called for a foul.”

Now it looks like Kevin Durant is weighing in:  

KD on Harden: “He’s not cheating the game … he’s playing within the rules of the game.”


When asked if Harden’s style of play is an issue for the game, in that it gives him an edge, Durant offered an emphatic no.

“No, I wouldn’t say that he has an advantage,” Durant said. “I think everyone, once they get into the lane, they use little tricks to try and get they shots off. I don’t think he’s any different. He may bump guys off going to the rim, but everybody does that. So, I wouldn’t say that he’s found a way to cheat the rules, I wouldn’t say that. It’s just that he has his style of play and it might not be what everybody likes to see, but it’s been effective and I don’t think he’s been cheating the game.

“I think he plays inside the game, plays within the rules of the game. I mean s–t happens. Referees aren’t going to be perfect all game, just like players aren’t. So I think, more so than just the talk of the officiating, it should be about how great all these players are on the court, how they uniquely bring something different to the table.”

So Durant is playing nice with another NBA superstar. 

Maybe KD wants to team up with Harden one day? 

You really never know Durant’s motives in anything he says or does. 

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