It’s All-Star weekend, which means all the ballers are doing their thing. 

Golden State Warriors All-Star Kevin Durant has been spotted doing some heavy flirting with Kyrie Irving this All-Star weekend. 

As you can see, the two have been super friendly. 

Kyrie and KD also played a game of one on one. 

Looks like Kyrie isn’t the only one KD has been spotted flirting with. 

KD was spotted holding hands with a mystery girl at last night’s Stance Spades Tournament Party. 

Take a look at the video below: 

It’s quick, but as you can see, KD is holding hands with a mystery girl. 

Here’s the moment they walked by below: 

Earlier in the weekend KD was being linked to IG model Alexis Skyy. 

The girl KD is seen holding hands does not appear to be her. 

If anyone knows the identity of KD’s mystery girl, the TIP LINE is always open. 

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