Kevin Durant will once again be a free agent again this summer, and no matter how he decides to announce his decision, it will be him delivering that message, not the media.  

KD addressed this and much more as his disdain for the media appears to be growing by the day. 

Via NBCSports Bay Area

“They need me,” Durant recently told NBC Sports Bay Area. “If I wasn’t a free agent, none of this s–t would go on, right? None of this speculation about who I am, what’s wrong with my mental, why I’m miserable, why I ain’t happy with life. Nothing.”

Durant also believes the athlete-driven media revolution has ruffled feathers with traditional media.  

“I think a lot of media companies are sad about that,” Durant said. “Which is causing a strain between the players and the media because obviously they all want to keep their jobs. They all want to tell their stories, but the players are telling it better. …

“I’ve never been a traditional-way type of dude. I never did anything [the] traditional way in my life. I don’t even know what that means. That’s just a program that people before us kind of had a template on how they live life and expect us to do the same thing. I never really had a traditional way of anything.”

When it comes to the speculation, Durant admits that it is a big deal, although he feels like some members of the press have been committing some journalistic errors.

“That’s a hot topic,” Durant said. “But you don’t have to talk about it. And then you don’t have to get mad when I don’t want to talk about it. And then you don’t have to get mad when your little brain is roaming around, but you can’t find the correct answers. That’s bad journalism. That’s not doing your job well.”

KD should realize that the media that covers him has helped make him a very rich basketball player. 

It’s their job to cover him like glue. 

It’s his job to either work with them, or get out of their way. 

No one likes a guy who’s not a team player. 

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