Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant and Draymond Green are teammates, not necessarily best buds off the court, but it appears KD’s ex, and Draymond’s current girlfriends are as thick as thieves.  

Draymond’s fiancé Hazel Renee and Kevin’s Ex GF Cassandra Anderson went to Soul Cycle yesterday,  and they took some pics and videos, where the two even compared bodies.

Watch below: 

KD split with Cassandra after the Summer. 

She even went ballistic at one point. 

Our source tells us she’s trying to get back with KD. 

Cass is trying her best to stay connected to warriors team through hazel and others. She all up under hazel now but them two spent an entire NBA season on the road with the team, and she never tried to hang with her. Now that KD has dropped her and moved on, she’s trying to get to him through hazel now. She unliked all his pics too. She posted something yesterday and still KD did not acknowledge it, and hours later she was hooking up with hazel says our source 

Sounds like KD can’t shake Cass. 

Check out more pics of KD’s ex below:

Stage Five Clinger alert. 

KD appears to have moved on. 

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