The Golden State Warriors star whose 43-point, 13-rebound, seven-assist outing in Game 3 of the NBA Finals was epic in every way, also got a visit from someone very special in his life.   

Kevin Durant’s girlfriend Cassandra Anderson was spotted at the game, and we even captured some pictures of the happy couple at Quicken Arena together. From our source below: 

Cassandra was in Cleveland. I know KD’s friends very well, and from what they’re telling me, he’s actually is in love. I don’t know about marriage and babies yet. They’re in the puppy love stage. Let him enjoy it. He’s happy. So is she. Cassandra left for Cleveland yesterday morning, she was on the warriors plane, one of the seats had a cardboard paper that said “Cassandra I Anderson”  

Check out the Pics of Kevin and Cassandra below: 

Pretty soon that seat is going to read Mrs. Durant. Things seem to be heating up between KD and Cass. Whatever this relationship is, it’s working out very well, KD has been on top of his game, and is about to win another ring. 

For all the haters who think he should have stayed in OKC, hard to argue with him joining the Warriors. He found his dynasty, and it looks like he found his wife.