After enjoying dinner with friends at Craig’s in West Hollywood, Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank is asked about the settlement between former QB Colin Kaepernick and the NFL. 

O’Leary said:

 “I think the outcome was good for him, really. He was not the best quarterback in NFL history, but he monetized his situation in a good way and I appreciate that as an entrepreneur.” 

Watch below: 

O’Leary is then asked about Kap’s attorney Mark Garagos claiming the New England Patriots, among others, are interested in adding Kaepernick to the roster and responds, 

“Zero chance. He will never play in the NFL, ever. Not in this lifetime, not in ten lifetimes. Not a chance. Not a chance in hell!”  

I don’t always agree with everything Mr. Wonderful says, but he seems to be really caught up to speed on the Kaepernick situation. 

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