UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov says he can imagine a reconciliation with Conor McGregor after the bitter feud around last month’s title fight.

During a news conference in Moscow on Monday to announce a sponsorship with Gorilla Energy Drinks, 

He added that he doesn’t know how he would react when he sees the Irish fighter next, saying: 

Nurmagomedov says he would prefer a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. — without giving details of how it might be arranged — over the UFC’s preferred option of Tony Ferguson.

“For legacy and in the sense of the money aspect, and in a sporting sense, I think the Mayweather fight is much more interesting,” Nurmagomedov said, adding that any negotiations have to wait for his scheduled hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Dec. 10t regarding the aftermath of the McGregor fight. “The athletics commission needs to finish up first and then we’ll talk.”

Khabib is just trying to line up the biggest payday. He knows it starts with Mayweather, then McGregor. 

After that, anyone he fights it’ll be chump change.