The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star fired off a series of tweets as her baby Daddy’s Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal played out on the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.   

 “Thank God a camera was NOT with me in Cleveland!!! I won’t put in writing what I did but let’s just say he’s LUCKY I was 9 months pregnant,” tweeted the 34-year-old, who gave birth to the couple’s daughter, True, in April, just a few days after news of the NBA player’s infidelity made headlines.  

Khloe acknowledged that she is “proud” that her family is “strong and brave enough to be vulnerable,” but she wishes their E! reality series would air in real time.

Another user wrote that she was “trying to remain positive” about the drama, to which Kardashian replied, “Hahaha baby, I’m about to get pissed again too! Lol you are talking me down.”  

Fans were trying to comfort Khloe for having to relive this moment in her life. 

And another tweet. 

 “I can’t believe Kylie thought she would hurt my feelings,” the former Kocktails With Khloé host tweeted. “I needed to see what was happening and better from my family [than] by someone else.”  

 Khloé went on to tweet that she “may forgive but forgetting is not possible.” She told her 26.2 million Twitter followers, “I still remember the pain of that. But God prepared me for this and gave me strength so my baby True wasn’t affected. I was strong enough to put my feelings aside so she only felt love!! Nothing else.”  

Nothing like a live tweet session from a story that broke 7 months ago. Keeping up with the Kardashian isn’t too difficult when they’re all over Social Media 24/7.