Khloé Kardashian took to Instagram to drop a hint that she and her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, are headed for splitsville. 

The newly-minted mama shared a number of iTunes screenshots on her IG story and they weren’t exactly listening to happy-go-lucky love songs.

First up: Patti LaBelle’s “On My Own.” The name of the song in and of itself suggests Koko may be gearing up to ride solo. After all, her relationship with the pro-baller hasn’t exactly been a fairytale. 

 True Thompson, was born on the heels of her daddy’s cheating scandal. So, who could  blame Khloé for wanting to be on her own. 

In addition to “On My Own,” Koko also shared a screenshot of Amerie’s “All I Have.” The lyrics speak for themselves. Check them out below: 

 “You said that we’d forever be in love/And you showed me life like I never knew/Things I never even dreamed of/But your smile just don’t seem the same/And when you tell me you feel it too/I’m not sure who’s to blame/Cause I gave everything.”  

Clearly Khloe is sending messages via songs. She’s always doing this type of thing. Things don’t look too good for Tristan and Khloe.