There is a huge chance that you will have come across kinesiology tape at a time in your life. While the gym is the first place where some people find out about it, others may have seen it at the office of a physical therapist.

Kinesiology tape is typically colorful. It may be placed along the back of a person, around his knees or over his shoulder blades.

In this post, we will take a quick look at what the kinesiology tape is and its purpose is.


A conditioning and strength expert, defined kinesiology tape (KT Tape) as a specialized therapeutic tape. She further stated that this tape can help in the management of several forms of injury.

One of the features of KT Tape, according to the expert, is its versatility. She stated that there are more than a hundred ways that a KT Tape can be used. When this tape is placed on the skin of a patient, it remains there for a few days. The tape remains glued to the skin, even if the person wearing it is taking a shower or in working out in the pool.

There is a significant difference between the typical athletic tape and kinesiology tape. For starters, the KT Tape is elastic along its length.


The treatment of tendonitis and shin splint injuries are among the most common uses of the KT Tape. Other common uses are enhancing joint support after surgery and decreasing swelling. A lot of people also claim that when KT Tape is used in a specific way, it can enhance posture, the alignment of the joints, and the function of the muscles. Visit to learn more.

There is no specific time to use kinesiology tape. What determines this is the nature of the injury or the purpose of using the tape. Experts stated that KT Tape can be applied before a workout if the person involved has discomfort when moving. He also stated that the KT Tape can also be used after a workout if there is an injury or swelling.

While Kinesiology tape is considered safe, there are times when using it is considered a terrible idea. KT Tape should not be applied to people with a nerve injury, sensitive skin, neuropathy, or poor blood circulation. If the use of a KT Tape is considered as the only alternative in anyone suffering from one of these conditions, it must be done with the help of a professional.


While most of us know why people use kinesiology tape, the debate over it works is still ongoing. An expert stated that the way it decreases swelling is the only thing that other experts have at least partly agreed on. He further stated that the agreement in this area is because of the stretchy length of the KT Tape. This stretchy feature helps the KT Tape lift the skin that it is applied to. This then enhances circulation in the area to which it is applied.


Always ensure that your skin is free of moisture and clean before applying kinesiology tape, otherwise, the tape will not adhere properly due to any oils, lotion, or soil is on your skin.