The Washington Redskins decided not to place the franchise tag on the quarterback for a third consecutive year, clearing the way for Kirk Cousins to hit free agency March 14th.

Last season, Cousins became the first quarterback in league history to play consecutive years under the franchise tag. He earned a combined $43,896,600 in those two seasons.

Now his agent has went on Twitter and has possibly tipped off where his client wants to play. Check out the tweet below, seems like he’s tipping us off.

However his agent had this to say as well. The agent representing Kirk Cousins is striking down reports the quarterback has already whittled down his choices to two teams, a group that excludes the Broncos.

“It’s the time of year when there’s always a lot of wild reports and rumors,’’ Mike McCartney, Cousins’ agent, told 9News. “Kirk is keeping all his options open. No team has been ruled out.

So not sure what he’s doing except sending mixed messages. Or he’s just trying to drive the market price up on his client. Either way Cousins is set to make a truckload of money wherever he ends up playing. He looks good in a Broncos uniform.