Klay Thompson and Carleen Henry continue to make public appearances together.  The couple was spotted out getting some ice cream (Carleen’s the one in the Star Wars hoodie).

It certainly looks like our source was right when they told us he was ready to go public with his new girlfriend.

Klay is ready to make it official and go public with his new girlfriend, Carleen Henry. It seems they are getting pretty serious about one another. The two have spent the majority of the summer together and they really are enjoying each other’s company. They’re practically inseparable. In fact, Klay, Carleen, and his friends all flew to Las Vegas together Monday evening on a chartered private jet. Klay had a business engagement with Rubrik at VM World Tuesday afternoon, but after that Klay got ready to celebrate his new boo’s birthday at Drai’s Nightclub, even bringing her roses. Drai’s also happens to be one of the places where Carleen works. Tonight though, she wasn’t waitressing, she was turning up and partying with her girlfriends, and her new bae, Klay. It’s also rumored she celebrated her birthday early, her birthday is in September, because Klay and Carleen are going on a private getaway for her actually birthday, for just the two of them. Things are really heating up between Klay and Carleen.

This is the second time in less than a week that they were spotted together in public.  She also attended a fundraiser with her baller man earlier in the week. 

She’s survived a pretty long stretch in the off-season so far.  We’ll know it’s for real if she makes it to the start of the NBA season.