Golden State Warriors shooter Klay Thompson has a complicated dating history that’s included claims of cheating and model girlfriends, including one swimsuit model with a large Instagram and YouTube following. Her name was Hannah Stocking. 

Since then Klay hasn’t really been linked to anyone for very long, a lot of short term hookups. Lately Klay has been seen with Carleen Henry. 

Now we’ve received word, straight from our tipsters, that Klay still may be spending time with his new lady. Check out the pics below, where Klay’s army of fans are convinced he’s been spotted with Carleen. 

You can see more of Carleen below, she’s definitely Klay material. I’m not sure Klay will ever settle down while he’s still playing, but this may be the one, you never know. If it’s actually her, and not just his PR Girl, or someone working for him.