Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson connected on his first 10 three-point attempts, tying an NBA-record for most consecutive three-pointers made to start a game (Ty Lawson; 4/09/2011 vs MIN) as he recorded 44 points (10-11 3pt FG) to lead the Warriors to a 130-111 victory over the Lakers. 

Watch below: 

Looks like Klay was on fire, and it didn’t hurt that his girlfriend Laura Harrier was in attendance. 

Klay’s Dad was being interviewed by Marcus Thompson and said that Klay did it for her referring to Laura.


“If it was for anybody,” Thompson said, “I’d say it was for her.”Her is Laura Harrier, Thompson’s girlfriend, a 28-year-old Hollywood actress famous for recent co-starring roles in blockbuster films “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and Spike Lee’s “BlacKkKlansman,” which was nominated for four Golden Globes.She was in attendance Monday and got to witness a Klay Explosion live. He was stuntin’ for the crowd, soaking up the moment in his hometown arena.

Everyone always shoots better when their  girl is in the stands. 

You always want to play your best and impress, especially when someone you care about is watching. 

Warriors fans need to make sure they bring Laura Harrier to the Finals. 

Check out more pics of Klay’s good luck charm below: 

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