After initially trying to keep his relationship with Carleen Henry, Klay Thompson has recently been seen in public with his new girlfriend.  Despite the increase in public appearances, he hasn’t made the relationship social media official.  

According to our source, Carleen has been busy behind the scenes trying to get the relationship some press.  She’s even confirmed her relationship with Klay in DMs that have also been leaked.

She has been trying to get exposure that she’s dating Klay by giving blogs tea to print. Klay likes to keep his relationships a secret. He tells these girls not to post things on their IG stories or Twitter that might get out in the public. She really wants to get that money. She’s 32 and really trying hard.

This is exactly why Klay wants to keep his relationships on the DL.  Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t want the groupies on the road to know his relationship status.