Today’s Daily News story is just the latest example of their egregious, personal attacks on Madison Square Garden. Below is the statement MSG provided the paper, which they refused to run in full:

“It is common knowledge that the Daily News has a vendetta against MSG. This is attributable to a disgruntled former employee that was fired by Mr. Dolan from his position at Newsday. That employee was Timothy Knight who is now CEO of Tribune Publishing, the owner of the Daily News. This story, based on cherry-picked portions of a deposition that are grossly misleading, is just the latest evidence of how low they are willing to go with their attacks.”

Perhaps the story’s most absurd claim, by Daily News Editor-in-Chief Robert York, is that “there is no truth to the claim of a vendetta by anyone toward Mr. Dolan or anyone at MSG” — which anyone who scans the Daily News knows is totally false. And this time, its blatant disregard for the truth didn’t just result in an attack on MSG, it misrepresented the entire Inglewood, California community – which MSG has been proud to be a part of since 2012.

The fact is, there is widespread concern across the Inglewood community about the proposed Clippers arena – with thousands of Inglewood residents actively voicing their opposition since the day the project was announced. Residents have raised several, serious concerns – about the project’s “backroom” dealings, its devastating environmental impacts, and the way it would overwhelm the surrounding neighborhood with traffic and force out residents.

MSG readily supports efforts to give voice to residents who are otherwise being ignored and shut out of the public review and approval process for this project. We continue to stand with local residents and organizations working to protect their neighborhood.

You wouldn’t know any of this from reading the Daily News, of course, which was much more focused on writing an epically overwritten hit piece than in conducting even the most basic journalism.  But then, that would negate their entire premise for this latest character assassination, which was the point.

So Dolan is angry at the Daily News for publishing an article about a deposition that only happened because he’s suing the city of Inglewood to stop them from breaking ground on a Clippers arena that would make it more difficult for his Forum to attract big name acts and make him more money.

What a dickhead. 

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