Lifelong Knicks fan Evan Perlmutter, 33, put his NBA allegiance up for sale last week on eBay under an auction titled, “Infuriated New York Knicks fan has had enough, selling my fanhood.”

James Riedel’s winning bid was confirmed by an eBay spokesperson. The dude has some Youtube channel he’s trying to promote. 

Perlmutter said he is looking forward to rooting for LeBron James and the Lakers this season.

Perlmutter received some backlash from Knicks fans on social media during the auction process.

“The hate was strong, and people are passionate about their fanbase, understandably,” Perlmutter said.

The team also issued a statement in response to Perlmutter’s auction.

“We’re sure our millions of loyal Knicks fans won’t mind losing this attention-grabbing gentleman,” the statement said. “We remain focused on the upcoming season — with a hard-working team that is proud to represent New York and its dedicated fans.”

The former Knicks fan walks away with $3500 and the chance to root for LeBron in Los Angeles. This whole thing sounds like Fake news, but unfortunately it’s real. Completely concocted, but real.