The New York Knicks used an image of Kevin Durant as part of their pitch to get season ticket holders to renew their packages for the 2019-20 season.  After it was pointed out they decided to remove the image.

The Knicks, who have been rumored to be a team KD is considering signing with after the season, released a statement acting completely oblivious to the fact that the use of his photo might be a bit misleading.  They, of course, knew exactly what they were doing. 


“Game action photos are used all the time for marketing purposes, but given everything going on, we took the precaution of taking the photo down,” the Knicks said in a statement Sunday night. “To be clear, it was one of several rotating photos on the website.”

This is how trash organizations are run.  Of all the opposing players in the NBA to choose from they pick Durant to give false hope to their season ticket holders.  

The best part of this is the season ticket holders calling them on their bull.  They might have gotten away with it several years ago, but not anymore.  Knicks fans are fully aware of how poorly their team’s front office runs things.

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