Bitcoin is one of the few financial assets to flee in the event of a global recession. Financial advisers don’t recommend Bitcoin because they don’t make money for customers. Mainstream commentators don’t mention Bitcoin because it threatens their comfortable industry. But with the advent and success of Bitcoin, we are trying to get something truly unique. I play my part in raising awareness, openly encouraging professional athletes to accept Bitcoin, and preaching to the mainstream people about our chances of having a solid economic power.

It is not owned or controlled by a single organization. It is a scarce resource and the issuance limit is set at 21 million bit coins. It boasts an 11-year track record that no unicorn company in Silicon Valley can match. Bitcoin is weakening the intermediary. So neither the bank, the asset manager, nor the government can tell you your money. That means to me that I can send money to my relatives in Nigeria without needing anyone’s permission anymore. Imagine an economy where you don’t have to provide your detailed personal information before you shop. Imagine a pension system that isn’t built on a foundation that’s too big to collapse.

Professional athletes devoted themselves to becoming elite in their field and invested considerable human resources to gain their place in society. Bitcoin trading software provides a way to protect the hard-earned money from the whims of the central bank, which continues to issue banknotes to save friends on Wall Street. It’s time to gain financial sovereignty by investing at least 5% of your assets in Bitcoin.

I personally invest more in Bitcoin, but my goal here is simply to make your Bitcoin investment not zero. Hopefully the price goes up, but there’s nothing I can get by making you a Bitcoin believer. I just think it’s important to let you know now. So don’t blame me if Bitcoin soars and the global recession can no longer be denied.

Athletes and associations that accept virtual currency

Sports leagues, teams and athletes are deepening their relationship with virtual currency and blockchain. In 2014, Sacramento Kings, a National Basketball Association (NBA) team, became the first professional sports team to accept Bitcoin (BTC) for transactions and payments.

The Georgia Institute of Technology, a prestigious school in Atlanta, Georgia, also started accepting bitcoins for transactions and payments that same year. Marshawn, an American football player from Seattle Seafolks with a running back position, invested in a blockchain technology-based start-up in 2015.

Richard Sherman, who was Lynch’s teammate, accepted bitcoin payments for selling his products for 14 years. The NLF team’s Miami Dolphins has also approved accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin (LTC) for ticket sales for the 2019/20 season. In November 2019, basketball team Real Madrid formed a three-year partnership with CFD broker ETF Finance, which also handles virtual currencies.

New games created by blockchain technology

Next to the Millennium generation, Generation Z, born between 1995 and around 2005, is enthusiastic about these new blockchain games. Hands-on games that reflect real games are a great achievement of blockchain technology, and are the motivation for other applications in the sports world.

Soccer British Premier League team adopts bitcoin logo on uniform

England’s professional football team Watford Football Club announced on September 12 that it will adopt the Bitcoin logo on the left shoulder of the new uniform. The adoption of the Bitcoin logo is suggested by Sportsbet, the shirt sponsor of the team. Adopting Bitcoin instead of the corporate logo aims to raise awareness of virtual currencies.

Watford FC is a team that belongs to the Premier League, which is the first league of the English Professional Soccer League. It is a traditional team with a history of more than 100 years. Although there is no record of winning the first division league, he has won multiple times in the second division league and below. Sports Bet Aio has a three-year sponsorship agreement.

Watford FC is seeking funding for crowdfunding, and the alliance with Sports Bet Aio has been noted as a new attempt on the English football team. It will also be the first attempt for a team belonging to the Premier League to put the virtual currency logo on the uniform.