Have you heard about sports betting with cryptocurrencies? If not, then you are going to learn a lot in this article about bitcoin sports betting. Bitcoin sportsbooks allow bet on sports, casinos, and more by placing bitcoins through online trading platforms like this trading App for a chance. Before you start betting with bitcoin, you must understand the cryptocurrency sports betting and know what options are offered online. No doubt, there is a wide range of bets that you can make, but it is essential to understand each bet type and its pros and cons.   

Let us know the most common types of crypto betting that most gamblers choose: Props, Live Bets, Money Line, Parlays, Point Spread, and Futures. Each bet has its pros and cons. The factors on which it depends which type of bet will player choose are the sports they bet on, knowledge about bet type, and perception of value.

Let us know in brief about all types of bets which are as follows:

Props Betting

The ‘Props’ is the short form of word proposition. This type of bet considered possibility of Tom Brady covers less or more than 25 passes in a single game or whether Kawhi Leonard scores over 27 points in the same game. The result of the pro bet depends on the events happening in the game and not depends on the outcome of the game itself.

Parlay Betting

The parlay bet permits the players to heap games together to augment the payout on one win. The sportsbooks necessitate a minimum of three selections to place a parlay bet. Both point spread and money lines stakes can be included on the parlay. The significant benefit of parlay selections is the higher payout. There is a disadvantage that every single bet on a parlay card has to hit to receive the higher payout. As a single Moneyline wager, winning five best out of 6 is quite profitable, but winning five bets out of 6 on parlay card is trouncing.  

Point Spread 

The main idea behind point spread is to bet with all even odds on an event. This indicates that the favorite is required to win by an agreed margin or more, and the underdog should lose on that agreed margin or less. This type of betting is quite popular amongst players who adore betting on NBA and NFL. Point spread betting only exists in some of the sports and not in sports like baseball and hockey. 

The main reason for this betting does not exist in other sports is because the victory in sports like hockey and baseball is only a single goal. Players are offered better payouts only if they stake on a particular team to needs to win by a score or more. 

Future Bets

Futures bets are exactly what its name is. The future bets make bettors convinced about building a long-term prediction. 


The Moneyline better is the most uncomplicated way to dig up in the game. In Moneyline betting, the player obtains a straightforwardly tied payout to the possibility of an agreed event occurring. The sportsbook articulate such odds using fractions, decimals which are referred to as American odds. It would be best if you learned that sportsbooks implant their profits in odds stand on the bitcoin drifts of players in the sport betting market. This is the reason that even odds bet pay less than the worth of the bet. 

Exclusive features of Bitcoins

Instantaneous deposits and withdrawals

The growing popularity has made bitcoin sports betting sites accept bitcoins from bettors and players. Bitcoin sportsbook sites allow instantaneous deposits and withdrawals. This is a marvelous feature for players who want to place a bet on different games. If you got lucky and won many bitcoins in sports betting, you can withdraw the bitcoins on your bitcoin address.


The bettors need not provide their personal information to request a payout. A bitcoin address from bitcoin wallet is only required for deposit and withdrawal of money. Some betting sites require KYC of customers for withdrawal. Know Your Customer is mandatory for some sites to get your winnings of bitcoins.