‘How did you know when it was right?,’ Justin asked her.

‘So I met Jay when I was 23. I was a f***ing baby, but he told me he loved me after two months, and then he proposed after eight months, and it all just moved so fast,’ Kristin said.

‘And then I remember I just all of a sudden was like, this isn’t right.

Like, there are certain things in our relationship that needed to change, and I was just, like, I don’t know that this is what I want,’ she revealed.

‘I remember we were in L.A. and I gave him back this ring,’ Kristin said pointing to her finger.

‘And I watched him walk out the door and ended up really missing him, and then we got back together,’ she told Justin.

‘And then I get pregnant with Camden, and that’s when I really changed how I felt about marriage. …That’s when we got married and I’m so happy that I did,’ said Kristin who has three children with Jay.

‘I love that,’ Justin said.

‘Marriage is hard f***ing work, but it’s so worth it. But you have to come to that conclusion on your own, it can’t be because someone is making you,’ Kristin advised Justin.