We hope everyone enjoyed the Logan Paul Vs KSI fight version 1. Now one might wonder why there is a rematch happening. What could be the real reason behind such a move? There are so many questions being asked, but truth be told there is nothing to worry about actually. How do so many questions concern us when we are the fans and we are here to enjoy the game and get entertained.

Anyways coming to the point, this time the KSI Vs Logan Paul 2 Fight will be broadcasted by DAZN. DAZN has acquired the right to live stream the match, and here is the reason why? The first match was a paid version on Youtube. That means if one has to watch the live stream of the game then one had to pay per view on youtube. Now, one would wonder what could be a better service than youtube to catch the live stream of the game. That’s very true to a certain extent however what has happened was there were so many pirate streams that the game organizers lost a lot of money. Anyways the first match was a draw and this one will be a rematch.

When does the Match Will happen?

Just save the date- 9th November 2019. This is the date for the Logan Paul Vs. KSI rematch. Also, remember that this time there would be no Youtube and pirated streams. Everyone has to watch this game on DAZN which is the official live stream broadcaster for KSI vs Logan Paul 2 fight of the even worldwide and will handle everything. One more thing, this time the market rumors have it that the match is being taken care of by a company called Matchroom Boxing. This is one name that every boxing fan knows very well as they are a premier company dealing in organizing such events. Since Matchroom boxing is now involved then it’s obvious that this event or rematch will be hosted in big arenas. And again according to the market grapevine, this time a 20000 seater arena has been engaged. That means people would also be buying tickets to catch the sport in-person.

What Can Be Expected?

Do we really need to answer this! What can one expect from this match? Fun and entertainment that’s too a lot of it for sure. The last match was also huge with a 20.5 million-plus PPV figure being reached. Now, these numbers are for the guys who actually paid to view the match, just add up and imagine the number of people who would have seen it on the pirated live stream. All in all the first match that happened almost 2 years back was a huge success and a rematch will be even grander. Logan Paul and KSI have both a very loyal youtube base. Their respective fans are seriously a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s a marketing gimmick or not as reported by many bloggers one thing we know for sure is that it’s going to be a huge entertainment opportunity that should not be missed. Again we are stressing on the point, just Remember this time the match is going to be on DAZN and no place else.