Playoff basketball can do some wild things to both players and fans.  Kyle Lowry got caught up in the playoff excitement during Game 4.

As Lowry tried to pull down a loose ball, J.J. Redick took a swing at the ball and knocked it away from the Raptors guard.  As a result of the ball being knocked away, Lowry’s own hand hit him in the face.

That fact didn’t keep him from complaining to the referees for a foul to be called.  The only conclusion is that he wanted a foul called on himself.

Despite the madness the Raptors would take Game 4 and tie the series up at two games apiece.  It looks like we’ve got a series ladies and gentlemen. 

Hopefully going forward Lowry can figure out when he’s hitting himself and not being hit by an opponent.  Or not, either way we’ll be entertained.

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