Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray wants to play football in the NFL.  There’s only one thing that could stop him from doing so and that’s the Oakland A’s, who drafted him with their top pick in the 2018 MLB Draft. 

The A’s sent executives out to meet with the Heisman Trophy winner in an attempt to persuade him not to enter the NFL Draft.  According to reports, Murray has a price to forego his dream of playing in the NFL.

It’s $15 million.

That would be a significant increase over the $4.6 million the A’s agreed to pay him when they signed him.  It would also require the MLB to waive a rule that prevents recently drafted players from receiving major league contracts.

It’s a smart move on Murray’s part.  He has a price and he named it.  If the A’s aren’t willing to pay it, he’ll end up playing in the NFL.  It’s a win-win for the two sport star.