Word on the street is that New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis and Boston Celtics star Kyrie Irving had talked about playing together in Boston…  

According to Jay King of The Athletic, the rumblings about Anthony Davis joining the Celtics are more than just fan pipe dreaming. Davis and Irving have apparently discussed the possibility of playing together in Boston, and league sources told King they believe Davis will end up with the Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers if he doesn’t want to sign a long-term deal with the New Orleans Pelicans.

In order to accomplish that, the Celtics would have to dip well into the luxury tax down the road if they wanted to keep their core together the way the Golden State Warriors have and add Davis. Al Horford would probably be out of the picture by then, but Irving and Gordon Hayward will be on max contracts with Jayson Tatum sure to sign one in a few years. Since Boston holds the Bird Rights for all of the aforementioned players, they could keep them. It would, however, be very costly.

Davis has expressed disappointment with the Pelicans at times, but he would have to take significantly less money to sign with another team.  

CBS Sports quoted the member’s only story, which suggests that if the Pelicans decide to trade him, Davis could be playing with a talented lineup that, as of now, also includes youngsters Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart and veterans Gordon Hayward and Al Horford.

That would be a dynasty for years to come. Especially in the EAST.