Almost 24 hours after Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving fired the ball into the stands following  a last-second 3-point attempt by Nuggets guard Jamal Murray, who was trying to reach 50 points, still had him steaming.

“It’s as simple as that. You just don’t. There’s a tradition and a respect within the league, as well as in any basketball game. Obviously you’ve won the game, you have it sealed, you’ve had a great game, game of your life, and you do something like that, it’s just … it’s petty. It’s immature.

He then doubled down on his position after the Celtics practiced Tuesday.

“I mean, when everyone knows the intent of it, I think it just makes it clear of what’s going on,” Irving said. “Obviously, I’m watching, and I’m watching the play at the end of the game, and I’m just watching to see if he’s really gonna shoot the ball.

“That’s just so thirsty of a player to just go after something like that. Clearly, 50 points is a big deal, but get it within regulation. Take it as a man, get your free throws and get to 50 points. But you don’t wait ’til the end of the game, when everybody’s not playing, to just launch up a shot and then nonchalantly go like this [shrugs shoulders] as if it doesn’t even matter.

Kyrie needs to move on. It’s not the end of the world for someone to try to go for 50 points. I mean, this is a performance based job.