Kyrie Irving went off on the media at Celtics practice on Wednesday.  He was asked about a video NBA reporter Ben Stinar posted on Monday.  In the video Kyrie is seen talking to Kevin Durant before Sunday’s All-Star game.

You can’t hear exactly what they’re talking about, but the internet ran with the idea that the two were discussing teaming up on the Knicks after it was suggested that they were discussing the Knicks two max slots.

The two of them teaming up in New York has been a rumor that has been around for a while now.

Kyrie was not happy about the speculation or the media asking him about what he called a private conversation with Durant.

Wow, is there a little of KD’s cupcake rubbing off on Kyrie?  He could have given a less combative answer to the question. 

Why do you think the video went viral?  People are interested in what the two of you were talking about.  

If you don’t want the spotlight, how about you return the millions of dollars you’re earning and go work some place where “private” conversations aren’t recorded. 

You can’t cry foul on this, Kyrie.

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