Looks like Boston Celtics superstar Kyrie Irving is doing things that only a man would be able to pull off if the Earth was actually flat. 

Watch below: 

Of course earlier in the week, an exercise by the Boston Celtics point guard made the social media rounds,  in which Irving is shown passing and dribbling a pair of basketballs simultaneously. 

Then the camera zooms out and the whole thing gets pretty nutty:

Don’t try that either of these routines at home. 

We’re hearing the top video is for a Nike ad. The second video looks like it could be possible to pull off but not real either. 

Both videos are fake viral vids advertising his “black magic” colorways coming out today. They were both shot at the same time over the summer when he still had Shimmy hendrix hair. 

Both cleverly draw attention to his sneakers. About as real as Kobe jumping over the Aston Martin. 

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