Everyone wants to know where Kyrie Irving will end up. 

Maybe his old coach knows a thing or two about where Kyrie wants to play?

Kevin Boyle coached Kyrie Irving at Saint Patrick High School in Elizabeth, N.J.

He hasn’t talked to Irving about his pending free agency, but he believes he’ll sign with the Knicks this summer.

“I think there’s a good chance in my opinion that Kyrie ends up there,” Boyle said, stressing that he was speaking as a fan and not as someone who had inside information on Irving’s plans. “…. In my gut, I would think that would work best for him and I would think that (the Knicks) have a really strong chance of that happening. But I have not spoken directly to him and I don’t know that to be a fact.”

If Kyrie signs with the Knicks, Boyle, who also coached RJ Barrett,thinks Barrett can fit in well with the All Star point guard.

“He can get up the court, he’s a good slasher, getting ahead of the ball. Hopefully he can blend well with Kyrie and if they bring someone else that follows him, he can really attack the rim and play off of those two other players,” the coach said.

He added that Barrett’s selfless approach will help him thrive alongside stars like Irving.

“That’s vital when you have star players that you’re bringing in. I don’t know if everyone in Boston felt that way with Kyrie,” Boyle said of the 2018-19 Celtics, who lost in the second round of the playoffs. “Because they were starting to get established in the NBA, starting to have a lot of success the year before. With RJ, he has a great balance with respect and learning. (He’ll think), ‘Hey, I’m getting better, whether it’s (behind) Kyrie or another guy, it’s their show right now and I’m learning how to play with him or under them until it’s my turn. I think he’ll be receptive to that and I think he’ll be a perfect complement to those guys.”

Kyrie is having some serious PR issues right now, I’m not sure other than the Knicks if there’s anyone else out there who really wants him.  

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