Blake Griffin scored 26 points and grabbed nine rebounds as the Pistons beat the Kings 106-90, but the highlight we’re taking away from this game is the strange eating habits of a few fans.  

Two ladies were spotted eating mayonnaise straight from the jar, all proper like, with a spoon. This is definitely not something people do, but if attention is what they were seeking, mission accomplished. 

I get the concession stand prices are astronomical at an NBA game, so this was maybe their economical way of saving cash. So many options, popcorn, nachos, pizza, the list goes on and on. And they settle on jars of mayo? This must be a gag. 

Now that food looks appetizing. Nothing wrong with mixing a little mayo into some egg salad, or using it as a condiment. Eating straight out of the jar with a spoon is foul. Technical foul on those two ladies.