Lakers owner Jeanie Buss might have just cemented herself as the coolest owner in the NBA.  She took the stage at the HAHA Comedy Club’s open mic night in Los Angeles.

Buss shared a video of one of her jokes and it isn’t terrible.  Let’s get her a comedy special and see what she can do.

I did it! Got up for the first time in my life at an open mic @hahacomedyclub to try standup comedy. I have been a fan of standup my entire life and this was an item on my bucket list. I have a long way to go but hey, it’s a huge leap for me. Thanks to @prettyfunnywomen Lisa Sundstedt for teaching comedy and empowering women to find their funny. Thanks to my classmates for support and sharing your insights. Don’t know if or when I will continue my standup but I do know I will never forget my first time. #IGotTheComedyBug #BarbiesMom #Standup

It turns out Jeanie has more jokes in her, not just that 2017 Lakers roster they put together.  In the end, she did land LeBron, so I guess she will end up with the last laugh on that joke.