The LA Lakers were mathematically eliminated from the race for the NBA Playoffs on Friday night, thanks to a 111-106 loss to the Brooklyn Nets, as one fan trolled the star-studded Californian team with a spoof highlight montage.

The Lakers struggled to find form and consistency throughout the season, despite the return from injury of LeBron James.

The superstar said he had “activated play-off mode” in a bid to inspire his team to make it through to the knockout stages of the season.

But it wasn’t to be, as the Lakers fell to to the Brooklyn Nets at the Staples Center, meaning James and Co. are now left to Go Fishing. 

And one fan in particular went the extra mile, putting together a special end-of-season ‘highlights’ montage, featuring a host of missed shots, blocked dunks and on-court errors featuring Lakers players.

 Watch below: 

After the disappointing result, James said:

“It’s been a tough season for all of us. It’s not what we signed up for. Throughout the year, things happen. Suspensions, injuries, and us just not being able to play sustainable basketball for 48 minutes. You don’t even try to wrap your head around it. You just keep playing and try to get better and go from there.”

LeBron will get back to the playoffs, he probably needed a rest anyways.