Lala Anthony and her husband Carmelo Anthony has been going through a rough time since last year. They have been back and forth. Supposedly, Carmelo got his sidechick Mia Angel Burks pregnant which forced Lala to ask for a divorce.

Apparently, Lala has moved on to someone else, and that guy is willing to rob his friends to take her shopping. Check this craziness out below. 

Not sure who this dude is, here are some of his IG’s below. Carmelo and Lala are too much drama to even follow.  . 

Melo’s best days are behind him. According to ESPN Stats & Information, it was the first time that Anthony didn’t play in the fourth quarter of his 44 career overtime games. His previous low for minutes in the the fourth quarter in such a game was three against the Suns on Dec. 13, 2016, as a member of the New York Knicks.