The former NBA player announced  that he would be playing in The Dubai International Basketball Championship, in the new year and representing a team from the Phillippines.

The news marks the first time that Odom will hit the court since undergoing a major health crisis in 2015 and subsequently battling a drug and alcohol addiction. 

The last time he played professionally was in 2013 for the Los Angeles Clippers.

“I’d like to announce that I will be playing in The Dubai International Basketball Championship this February 1st 2019 !!!!!!! I will be representing team @mightysports_ph from the Philippines with my 4ever #7 !” he began the post on Instagram.

“To me this is a great warming up for the @thebig3 !!” he wrote, referencing the professional 3v3 basketball league that features mostly retired NBA players. “It’s been a minute since I’ve professionally competed and I hope to be as explosive as I used to be!”

Despite the setbacks, Odom reassured his fans that he was motivated and focused to get back to where he once was. “Im not giving up and going in full force !! Patience and moving FORWARD is KEY!” he added.

I hope Lamar can actually get on the court and ball out. 

That’s what he was born to do. 

I doubt he can get the medical clearance though. 

We’ll see. 

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