So apparently Lamar Odom is still alive and well, he wasn’t kidnapped. 

The 38-year-old former NBA star’s manager shut down speculation that he was kidnapped over a gambling debt and held hostage back in June while visiting a woman named Savanna Waldrop in Portland.

“The kidnapping is false, it’s a lie, it’s made up,” Odom’s manager Zoul El Fassi tells E! News. “He does know her. He’s not going to deny that but she was just a girl he used to party with.”

Odom’s publicist Eve Sarkisyan-Nunn also told E! News, “We are aware of the false story circulating around regarding Lamar. We are not denying that Lamar does know this woman, however she was merely an acquaintance.”

So now we know that was a lie, here’s a little truth. Lamar and his ‘Assistant’ were spotted partying in Delray Beach Florida for fight night. 

Check out the pics below: 

This isn’t the first time Lamar has been spotted with his traveling assistant. 

Yep, she’s definitely his ASSistant.