LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball are back in the US with very little fanfare, after their three-month stint with Lithuanian pro basketball was cut short.

It seems LiAngelo had a good time playing, but his younger brother was pretty much hated, and his teammates didn’t mind throwing him under the bus regarding his behavior, and overall lack of character. 

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman joined Outside The Lines on Tuesday, and he relayed conversations he had with the Ball brothers’ former Vytautas teammates. LaMelo was described as “lazy” and “arrogant.”

Goodman said:

“For LaMelo, it wasn’t very good. He barely played in the Lithuanian League games. One former teammates described him to me earlier today as ‘lazy’ and ‘arrogant.’ Wasn’t really engaged in the whole process. (He) played undisciplined, which we’ve seen in AAU ball. But didn’t really get better. And that’s the goal over there for a 16-year-old is to improve and get better. Multiple people I talked to on that team, on Vytautas, said LaMelo really never bought in.”

Now what’s next for LaMelo? He’s still two years away from NBA draft eligibility.  His pops really screwed him. Terrible advice all around. The kid could have gone and played at UCLA, and now, well, next stop will probably be another Euro team.