The world’s most famous and disgraced cyclist, Lance Armstrong, shared a selfie on Wednesday of his bloody face after he crashed his bike on a trail in Colorado.  He ended up in the Aspen Valley Hospital after the crash to get his head checked out.  

Well, sometimes you’re the hammer and sometimes you’re the nail! The Tom Blake trail (one of my faves) came up and tried to KO my ass today. Took quite the blow to the noggin’ so swung by the Aspen Valley Hospital (great facility!) to get my head checked. For the 46 yrs prior to today I completely would have blown off getting checked. Not now. Small world story – a few weeks back I posted a pic of @ghincapie, @mikekloser, and myself. Credit photo to “some dude at top of buttermilk”. Well, that ‘dude’ turned out to be @ajaxrider – the ER doc on duty today! Charlie, thanks for looking after me.

He appears to be okay.  We can thank all the NFL concussion talk for Lance going to the emergency room, you don’t want to catch that CTE.  Stick to the pavement Lance.