Lance Stephenson was back in Charlotte on Saturday night, where he played briefly back in 2014 before being run out of town.  The Lakers jumped out to an early lead and Stephenson was thoroughly enjoying beating his old team.  

After draining a three-pointer in the third quarter to put Los Angeles up by 31, Stephenson looked at the defender and celebrated with what looked to be a harmless air guitar.

The referees weren’t fans of the air guitar and gave Stephenson a technical foul for it.

These referees must be new to the NBA or have never officiated a Warriors game.  Because Steph Curry has a seizure all over the court whenever he hits a three and is never given a technical foul.

The NBA needs to fine or suspend these referees.  Maybe both, that’s how bad this call is.  Don’t they know every play is a celebration?  This isn’t the MLB.