As the Retrievers finalized the first 16–1 upset in NCAA tournament history, it was pointed out that Lane Kiffin knew this upset was coming the whole time. So the controversial college football coach took to twitter to prove the doubters wrong, and wanted everyone to know, this was no surprise to him.  

Lane Kiffin is the kind of guy when he says something, you definitely need proof in order to believe him. I mean there’s never been an upset like this in NCAA tournament history. 

Then Lane went out of his way to bash a Sports Illustrated article, that was basically calling Bullsh*t on Lane’s Cinderella story. Lane made sure to point out he didn’t spend very much time making his picks. 

You still not believing Kiffin? How about a screenshot from 7:21 pm? So the hatersare aware, he actually has UMBC going all the way. Good luck with that.  

Kiffin has that used car salemsan look written all over his face. He’s the kind of guy even when he’s telling the truth, you just assume he’s lying. I still think he’s lying about picking UMBC.