FAU head coach Lane Kiffin was on 104.5 ESPN’s “Off the Bench” on Thursday.  He discussed a lot of the top stories currently in college football from the Ohio State and Maryland scandals and LSU and Alabama rivalry.

On the topic of the LSU and Alabama rivalry, Kiffin was asked about how Alabama, while he was the offesnive coordinator at Bama, was able to come away with a win at Tiger Stadium in 2014 and win in OT with Blake Sims at QB.  

His answer was a classic Lane Kiffin troll job and that’s why we love him, via Saturdays Down South:

“It’s because Tiger Stadium wasn’t loud enough,” Kiffin said. “We were able to whistle from the sideline and audible to the pick play — I mean, rub play, not pick play — to score down there in the end zone.

“Common Tiger fans,” he said. “You gotta be a little louder. I thought it was supposed to be loud there at night, that night games at Tiger Stadium were supposed to be tough or something.”

We need more head coaches in college football who give interviews like this.  Lane’s the best.