Don’t let the apparent failure of Big Baller Brand and Lonzo Ball’s move to the New Orleans Pelicans fool you.

LaVar Ball still is the man. 

Or so he thinks. 

The Ball family addressed former business partner Alan Foster’s alleged seven-figure embezzlement and the family’s struggles with BBB in the latest episode of “Ball in the Family.”

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One of the big topics was whether the name of the brand should be changed.

Unsurprisingly, the eldest Ball was uninterested in renaming a business known for, alleged embezzlement aside, recently finding itself on clearance racks, receiving an “F” from the Better Business Bureau and making shoes that fell apart in minutes on the court.

When Lonzo,  who happens to reportedly own a majority of the company, challenged his father on that position, LaVar defended himself with a … questionable analogy.

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