One of the greatest moments in NBA history is being brushed under the table by the very two people who were involved. 

 From The Undefeated:

“It was definitely surprising [that LeBron James] wanted me to play with him,” Lance Stephenson said during the new Los Angeles Lakers’ first week together. “We ain’t talk about [the ear incident] though. I’m waiting for him to say something about it.”

OK. Wow. No ear incident conversation? At all?

Even though Lebron and Lance haven’t spoken about it, Lance has no problem talking about it. 

Stephenson has spoken about it to the media — last month, the vet said this about blowing in James’ ear:

“I was really trying to get him mad, like, really trying to win the game, trying to get him unfocused. And I was trying anything. … LeBron was such a good player, you know. I was trying to do anything to get him frustrated.”

LeBron has to think about it each time he sees Lance’s face. A moment that will live  in infamy.