NBA teams will withhold more than $30 million from player paychecks on Friday, as players receive their first salary reduction since the league and the union agreed to a plan to temporarily cut pay by 25%.

But five of the NBA’s top-10 earners this season, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, John Wall, Blake Griffin and Paul George, have already been paid in full and will not see a pay decrease on Friday.

Their salary reductions will come out of their advances for the 2020-21 season on Oct. 1 or beginning with their Nov. 15 paychecks.

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Each player will essentially owe an IOU per paycheck to his team ranging from $420,000 (Curry) to $390,000 (James) each time there is a scheduled 25% pay reduction.

That amount will increase if games are eventually canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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