Lebron James

Anyone who knows anything about basketball today is aware of Lebron James and his legendary reputation as a star player. James is considered to be the best basketball player of this generation, and possibly of all time. He currently plays small forward for the Los Angeles Lakers. Lebron also played for Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the past. 

Lebron James came from very humble beginnings. Born in Akron, Ohio in December of 1984 to a poor single mother, he spent a lot of his childhood either homeless or bouncing around from one house to another. He missed a lot of school during his elementary school years, and he sometimes went without food or adequate clothing. Despite this, his mother was a kind, loving person who did her best to protect him from the effects of living in poverty. The identity of James’ father is a subject that is the source of some debate.

Lebron James started out at an early age playing peewee football. When he was in grade 4, his mother decided that he needed a more stable home and he moved in with foster parents Frank Walker and his family. It was through Frank Junior, his brother and best friend, that he learned how to play and eventually excel at basketball.2

Before his senior year in high school, Lebron James has already been nominated as the best basketball player in the country. He has won numerous awards and distinctions, including Most Valuable Player in 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2013 and All-Star Player in 2018. Most recently, in 2019, he was awarded all-NBA 3rd team. Lebron James was drafted into the MBA right after high school, and the rest is history.3


Lebron James Stats

Looking at Lebron James’ overall statistics for the 2018-2019 season with the NBA, he scored 27.4 points overall, making him 5th in the NBA for this season. He has 8.5 rebounds, which indicates the number of times he got hold of the ball and then missed the final shot. Lebron had 8.3 assists over the course of the season, which is the number of times he threw a ball to a player who then made the shot. His overall player rating was 25.64. To put that in perspective, an average rating for a player is 15.


Lebron James’ Height

It’s clear that he’s big man, but how tall is Lebron James, really? He’s a stunning 6’8”, which is an inch above the average height for an NBA player.


Lebron James Weight 

Lebron tips the scales at 250 pounds. Compared to other players, this is on the high side for his height. James isn’t slender; he’s a huge powerhouse of a man in every sense. Starters do have to be large. The average size of an NBA starter is 6’10’ and 245 pounds.


Lebron James Age

Lebron James’ birthday is on the 30th of December 1984, making him 34 years old. The average NBA player is 26 years old. Although players have continued into their early 40s in a few cases, the average age of retirement for a player is 33 or 34 years old. 


Lebron James Salary

Lebron is the highest paid player in the NBA, and his salary is published online. His current income is $88.7 million dollars annually, 35.7 of which comes from his salary with the Lakers and 53 of which comes from endorsements. Right now he endorses companies that include McDonalds, Microsoft, State Farm, Coca-Cola, Dunkin-Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Samsung, and Nike. The average salary for an NBA player is just over 6 million dollars.

When Lebron first started out on the 2003-4 season with Cleveland, his annual salary was just over 4 million dollars. His income has gradually increased over the years, with the biggest jumps being from 5.8 in 2006-7 to 13 in 2007-8 after becoming the NBA All-Star games’ Most Valuable Player and from 22.9 in 2015-6 to 30.9 in 2016-7 after becoming a 3 time NBA champion. When he joined the Lakers in the 2018-9 season, his salary went up from 33.3 million to 35.6 million. He negotiated a deal whereby his salary would increase incrementally until he reached a total of 41 million dollars annually in the 2020-1 season. 


Lebron James’ Net Worth

Lebron James has a net worth totalling 440 million dollars, as of 2018. In order to calculate net worth, factors considered include anything you have that is of any personal value such as cash, owned properties, investments, cars, and shares in companies.


Getting in Shape Like Lebron James

Professional athletes often follow rigorous training schedules and diets in order to stay in such excellent physical form. It takes a tremendous amount of discipline to stick to this schedule. Lebron James is known for keeping himself in stellar physical condition. In order to do this, he employs a team of trainers and other staff to take care of his needs. His home is overflowing with training equipment and includes a full gym, ice tub, hot tub, and hyperbaric chamber. In total, Lebron apparently spends 7 figures a year on his body alone.1



Obviously, the average individual doesn’t have the income to spend 1.5 million dollars on their physical care. However, Lebron’s workout can be carried out by anyone at the regular gym. He focuses on high-intensity interval training, involving numerous strength and training exercises. Lebron carries out four workouts with supersets during his regular routine. His workouts limit the amount of down time he has in order to maximize endurance.4



It’s crucial for any professional athlete to maintain proper nutrition so they can function at optional levels. Lebron’s training diet includes light carbs before a game, like chicken and pasta with salad. Right before he goes on to play, he has a protein shake and fruit. He believes in eating light before playing instead of overloading on carbs and calories.

After a game he’ll eat a heavy meal if he chooses. Lebron’s indulgence is his favorite cereal, Fruity Pebbles, which does have quite a bit of sugar. When it’s playoff time Lebron increases his carb intake but cuts down on sugar. The carbs provide the fuel he needs for the game, when he’ll be burning a lot of calories. 



Athletes often take supplements to augment their physical performance. Popular capsules include creatine, protein powders, and amino acids to increase muscle strength and stamina. Many athletes take vitamin and mineral supplements and/or energy boosting capsules. Weight-loss aids are also popular. Increasing in popularity are natural testosterone support product, like Delta Prime by HF Labs. 

In order to keep your body in top physical condition, the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are crucial. Athletes need nutrition as fuel to provide them with the energy they need to perform. Protein is so important because it builds up and repairs the muscles. Vitamin and minerals keep all of the bodily processes functioning at top levels.


Lebron James Shoes

When Lebron James first signed on with the NBA in 2003, he was offered a 90 million dollar deal with Nike to endorse a line of sneakers in his name. In the 15 years that it has existed, it has made Nike an average of $400 million every year.

The line is targeted specifically towards millennials, meaning the generation born between 1982 and 2000. The designers at Nike found it challenging to design shoes for such a unique player. The designs released are unique, and often include quite garish colors. They have sometimes been criticized for being overdesigned and complicated.

The adult sneakers range from about $90 to $310, and there’s also a kid and toddler line which ranges from $45 to $110. You can buy the shoes from a number of online and in-person retailers, although the best place is the official Nike website or stores. 


Lebron James Online 

James has a huge following across social media platforms, most notably Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. He is considered to be a social media superstar whose digital value is $15+ million. He uses his platforms both to engage his fan base and to promote the brands he endorses. 


Lebron James Instagram 

If you want to add Lebron James on Instagram, his handle is @kingjames. He has a whopping 43.2 followers on his top platform. He uses Instagram to endorse products such as Nike and Samsung, and numerous others.


Lebron James Snapchat

You can find James on Snapchat under the username kingjames. He tends to post a lot of videos on Snapchat, largely about his personal and family life. Sometimes he’ll also post workout tips and advice.


Lebron James Twitter

On Twitter, James uses the handle @KingJames when he addresses his more than 30 million followers. He’s most likely to use his Twitter account to state opinions and may be particularly expressive during the playoffs.



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