For the third time in his 15-year NBA career, the offseason revolves around LeBron James. Will he be playing for the Lakers? Speculation swirls that LeBron James could end up with either Los Angeles team this summer in a decision that might be equal parts basketball and branding. We know LeBron’s sons are enrolled in school in Los Angeles, and this came to us via the tipline

LeBron’s plan is to play in Los Angeles for the Lakers, and finish out his career with the hopes of his son LeBron, Jr. playing for the Lakers as well says our tipster

James also has bought two large homes in the West Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood, the most recent in December for $23 million.  

Listen to LeBron talk about possibly playing with his son one day below: 

If not the Lakers, LeBron would still love to match up against his son, but I’m thinking he’ll do everything he can to get Bron Jr. on his squad. Just imagine two LeBron James on one roster, how can you lose?

With all the roots LeBron has in Los Angeles, the Lakers would be an ideal landing spot for LeBron and Bron Jr.