Amid the tragic death of our beloved Laker Legend and hero, Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Giana Bryant, Lakers Star Lebron James attends his son, Bronny James, basketball game due to the Clippers vs Lakers basketball game being postponed to honor the Lakers Organization to grieve the lost of Kobe Bryant.

Lebron doesn’t appear to show signs of sadness as he is seen cheering for his son during the game.

In fact, Bronny and his teammates paid tribute to our fallen Laker legend by wearing Kobe Bryant kicks, writing #8 or #24 on their arm sleeves or shoes, wearing Lakers apparel, and even taking a 24 second and 8 second clock violation at the beginning of the game.

During halftime, Lebron pulled his son aside to encourage him and show him fatherly love.

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After a jaw dropping lob dunk made by Bronny James, Lebron and Savannah James show their approval of their sons monstrous dunk, which looked pretty reminiscent of a dunk by Kobe Bryant.

Zaire wade has a few Highlights on this special night as he was apart of the starting line up for Senior Night. 

At the end of the game, Lebron embraces his son Bronny and shows him love and expresses how proud he is for completing his first basketball season as a freshman.

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